Most Frequently Asked Questions

You can call the County Clerk's Office at 505-986-6280 and we will send you the application or you can go online to electronically request an Absentee Ballot Application. Also, candidate organizations and political parties often carry out absentee application events. This application can be downloaded and printed from the Santa Fe County Clerk's Website Here. Fill out the application and mail it to the County Clerks Office.

Yes, also beginning 28 days before any county-wide or federal election, you can vote early in person at the County Clerk's Office.

Yes, beginning the third Saturday before the election there are four early voting sites available throughout the county. In general, early sites are located at the Santa Fe Rodeo Grounds, Pojoaque Satellite Office, Abedon Lopez Community Center, Christian Life Church, Southside Library, Max Coll Corridor in Eldorado, and Town of Edgewood Administrative Office. The exact locations and hours will be posted at and advertised.


Yes. A voter who has applied for a mailed ballot or who has been sent a mailed ballot may execute an affidavit stating that the person did not and will not vote the mailed ballot that was issued. Upon receipt of the sworn affidavit, if the ballot register does not show that a ballot from the voter has been cast in that election, the county clerk shall void the mailed ballot that was previously issued to the voter.

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